Purpose of the Disabled American Veterans


The mission of the Disabled American Veterans is one of humanitarian compassion. The sole purpose of the Disabled American Veterans organization is to cater to the needs of veterans who have been injured or disabled while fighting for the nation. The service of the Disabled American Veterans is not just limited to the injured veteran, but extends support to the family of a veteran killed or lost at war.

The purpose of the Disabled American Veterans is realized in the form of different services. These services are aimed at helping veterans in building better lives. This is also a mark of admiration and tribute to them for the valuable services rendered despite the huge personal sacrifices.

Services offered by the Disabled American Veterans are in the form of education, medical facilities, employment to these veterans and their families. Other services like assistance in making the veterans get their claims, pensions, compensations and gratuity from the government offices are also present. These services see to it that the veteran get his / her dues painlessly and in due time. Apart from this, monetary help in terms of donations by corporate and individuals is also accepted by the Disabled American Veterans.

Over three quarters of this money is given to the betterment of a veteran or his / her kin. There are volunteer network services that offer common men a chance to help the veterans by offering his / her share of contribution to the welfare of these heroic people.

From the committed services and hard work that the Disabled American Veterans has been carrying out, it is definite that they are bringing in a difference not only to the lives of the veterans but to the common man as well. Organizations like DAV are making a person realize the meaning of selfless courage, honor and sacrifice.


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